Hire a Family Law Attorney to Get the Best Results

In need of a professional family law attorney? If you are currently experiencing any family-related issues, seeking the expertise of a family law attorney can give you the advice and direction you need during this difficult time. An attorney who … Continued

A Blairsville Personal Injury Lawyer

In need of an experienced Blairsville personal injury lawyer because you were recently and unexpectedly injured? If you have been personally injured, hiring an experienced lawyer is definitely your next step. Getting injured through no fault of your own can … Continued

Divorce Mediation Frequently Asked Questions

Although Georgia law recognizes 13 separate grounds for divorce, most divorces are granted on the lone one that does not require proof of wrongdoing, such as adultery or desertion. Under this “no-fault” provision, then spouses may agree that their marriage … Continued

The Gift of Peace of Mind

The final tallies are not yet in, but in a pre-holiday poll taken by CNBC, the average respondent divulged plans to spend at least $900 on 2017 holiday gifts; 29 percent said they expected to spend more than $1,000.    … Continued

Land Disputes

The November 2017 assault on Kentucky U.S. Senator Rand Paul at home by his neighbor reminded us that, while not all result in fisticuffs and fewer still make national news, property disputes between neighbors occur more or less everywhere.A few … Continued

Fundamentals of Georgia Estate Administration

When a Georgia resident dies, the real and personal property he or she owned at that time – known as the “estate”– must be gathered, debts must be satisfied and assets must be distributed in accordance with state law and, … Continued

Setting Up a Trust In Georgia

A trust is a legal relationship in which real or personal property is held, managed (and in some cases) distributed. A trust generally requires three parties: Grantor – the person who creates the trust and places assets into it Trustee … Continued

How Do I Know If I Have a Personal Injury Claim?

In most areas of the United States, if you or a loved one sustain an injury in an accident, there are literally dozens of plaintiffs' lawyers willing to offer a consultation (often at no charge). While there are multiple attornies … Continued

Charged With a Felony? Here’s How an Attorney can Help

The typical person has no idea what to do when facing felony charges. Most defendants are understandably frustrated and confused. You need a proven Blairsville attorney in your corner during this difficult period of time. Though the police might claim … Continued

Drug Possession Charges Necessitate an Alliance With a Drug Possession Attorney

Drug Possession Charges Necessitate an Alliance With a Drug Possession AttorneyIf you are accused of drug possession, it is important to reach out to a drug possession attorney right away. This is true for those accused of possessing hard drugs … Continued